Agile Limburg Meetup

Agile Limburg is a vibrant community of like-minded individuals located in the southern region of the Netherlands. As a Meetup group, they provide a platform for professionals to come together and exchange ideas and knowledge on various topics related to agile methodologies and software development.

During my recent visit to Agile Limburg, I had the privilege of delivering a talk on “Simplifying Microservices”. Below a quote of the organizer of the event:

“Last week we had a great Agile Limburg meetup at Carbon6 in Heerlen! Our thanks go out to the location, the visitors, and our fantastic speaker Rob Geurden, who showed us how to easily build well-structured microservices using the open-source library Easy.

One of the things I take away is that we often tend to make everything too complex, while it can and should be much simpler. It was good to realize again that simplicity can be the key to a better solution. What was your takeaway?” – Nick Nijenhuis –