Space RockIT Festival 2023

Space RockIT Festival: A Fusion of IT and Music Exploration

I was honored to be invited to the groundbreaking Space RockIT Festival, a pioneering event that brings together the realms of IT and music in an unprecedented fusion. This unique festival promises a captivating blend of workshops, collaborative experiences, and a platform to share insights while discovering emerging talents.

About the Festival:

  • Creative Knowledge Sharing: Space Rockit Festival is not just about learning; it’s about hands-on, creative knowledge sharing in the dynamic fields of IT and music.

  • IT Adventure in a Festival Setting: The festival promises an open-air experience reminiscent of iconic festivals like Lowlands, Zwarte Cross, Down the Rabbit Hole, and the Parade. Though slightly smaller in scale, it boasts the same vibrant ambiance between Arnhem and Nijmegen.

Engaging Sessions:

In alignment with the festival’s spirit, the event features interactive sessions rather than traditional lectures. Topics span coding, testing, hacking (live workshop), machine learning, AI, agile methodologies, and design – all enjoyed with complimentary food, snacks, and beverages.